Order Updates

3/19 Update: 

-- Embroidered Softball & Baseball tshirts/sweatshirts are shipping to me tomorrow (3/20). 
-- Athletic Sets (tennis dresses,etc) are shipping to me this week. 
-- 4in & 6in biker shorts are preparing to ship to me this week.


4/8 Update: 
-- Ribbed biker shorts are out for delivery. 

-- Character shoes have all shipped to me.

-- Princess Bow tees have started shipping & remainder should be out this week.

-- Last 4 orders of Mothers Day Bouquet shirts will be shipped out this week. 

-- Kids athletic sets are in transit to me. 

-- Mothers Day Magnets are in production. 


4/18 Update: 
-- Embroidered tees (mama, dog mom, wifey, etc) have shipped to me.

-- All character shoes have been shipped! 

-- Kids Lulu sets are set to arrive Saturday! 


4/30 Update: 
-- Waffle Rompers are within turnaround time. Today is business day 22, these had a 30 business day TAT to me. These should ship around second week of May.

-- The rest of mothers day orders will be out this week.

-- Neon NKE outfits are in transit to me

-- B O G G's are all in transit to me. 


5/9 Update: 
-- Checkered slides have shipped to me & will be here soon. I will get those packaged up ASAP. 

-- All B O G G's have shipped to you guys except for baseball and B&W checkered. Those are in transit to me now. 

-- All N E W Balance shoes have shipped out! 

-- All personalized stacked books have shipped!