BabiesInBKC Program

This is a program we created in 2022 to gift expecting mothers a brand new BKC onesie! We wanted to congratulate you on your new bundle of joy! This program was designed to reach as many families as possible with our newborn onesie gift!


If you are expecting, please email us at & label the subject line of the email with "BabiesInBKC."


Things To Expect:

  • Proof Of Pregnancy Must Be Submitted
  • You're eligible up until your estimated due date
  • Only those who are expecting are eligible. If you aren't expecting yourself, but know someone that is, this is not a gift giving opportunity but we would absolutely love if you let your friend or loved one know about our program so they can get themselves enrolled! 
  • Currently only open to mothers in the US and/or army force bases with a US mailing address

We can't wait to see all the brand new babies in our onesies!